Best Kids Kitchen Playsets

15 Sep

Did you know the easiest way to get children into eating food and knowing food is to get them in a kitchen. But some of you may ask isn’t a kitchen quite dangerous, absolutely but if you start teaching your children with pretend food and kitchen playsets you be amazed on how much they pick up on how to use a knife, what foods are, what they look like, where they come and learn so many life skills you be amazed.

The range of kids kitchen playsets is staggering these days, there are just so many to choose from famous toy makers like Alex Toys, KidKraft, Little Tikes and many more.

The first thing before buying a playset, is you need decide where you going to put the kitchen playsets in your home, this will ultimately decide how large of a kitchen playset you can buy.

The next thing you need to decide is how much you willing to spend. Most Kitchen Playsets range $120-$200 and some can go upto $400.

Most kitchen playsets these days comes with the standard modern appliances you see in your kitchen including oven, refridgerator, microwave, stoves and even a phone.

Depending on the kitchen some sets will have alot of cupboards and some will not, as you will need to store all the gadgets, playfood and utensils somewhere.

Another thing that makes kids ktichen playsets so great is our children will grow up with it, it is not one of those toys you buy and tomorrow they stop playing. I have seen my kids for as young 2 to ages 8 play it for years.

I personally prefer the Pottery Kid series as they look modern, and they actually look like real furniture. I am sure my kids will have so many childhood memory but this one will stand out most. They still recall and talk about it all the time. Sometimes these memories you just cannot buy.

If you are serious about buying a kids kitchen playset then check out Kids Kitchen Playset for all the new kids kitchen playsets.